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Hello and welcome to the website of the best home inspectors in Brooklyn NY. Have you realized that it is time to put your house on the market? Perhaps you’re in need of extra money or you’re simply ready to move to a new location and start your life anew? Regardless of your situation, you’ll want to make sure that you get a fair price for your property. This is where we’ll be able to help. We are undeniably the most experienced and skilled Brooklyn home inspection firm. Our company has done it all and we’ll be able to provide you with a satisfactory experience unlike anything you’ve ever seen before!

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Only Honest Results

There are some inspectors that are willing to bend the rules to favor one party or another. This is something that we will would never do. Our home inspection company’s experts are trained to ensure that both sides of the transaction know that they’re getting a good deal! We’ll make sure that the buyer knows about the problems in advance, so they can be prepared to deal with these problems in the future. The seller will benefit immensely by familiarizing him or herself with the problems we undercover.

As a home seller, you can rectify these problems and use the repair as a way to negotiate for a higher price. We truly work for both parties!

We’re Licensed

If you’re looking for a licensed home inspector, you’ve definitely come to the right place. We strongly believe in doing things right and our performances over the years have kept us out of legal trouble with the New York state government. Our company’s license has remained in good condition from the beginning of our tenure until the present. This is something that we will not change in the future. We’ll continue delivering an exceptional performance, so our reputation remains unblemished. We truly believe that our past speaks for itself and gives the client far more reassurance!

We Deliver A Comprehensive Report

We believe that transparency is enormously important for everyone. It would be wrong for the inspector to make the seller aware of the problems, but not the buyer. This is why our company promises to be transparent with each party. When teaming up with our company, you can guarantee that you’ll receive a comprehensive report that details each and every problem associated with your property. We’ll make sure the buyer and seller both have access to the report.

Simultaneously, we’ll include photographs of the problems, so you can know for certain that we did our job correctly!

Locally Owned And Operated

Our home inspection business has been working out of the Brooklyn, NY area for a wide number of years now. Due to this fact, we have come to look at the locals like family and want to do anything and everything to suit all their needs. In addition to this, a lot of our work comes from word of mouth and recommendations, so we always do whatever we can to make sure that our customers are 100% satisfied with our services. Our familiarity with the area and experience in the community also gives us access to the best local handymen that care capable and skilled enough to provide a large range of home services. In the event that something inside your home does need repairs our inspector can give you a reference to a trustworthy individual that will do you right.

Backed With Error And Omissions Insurance

With a little bit of research, you will find that most home inspectors in the Brooklyn area are insured, but what they don’t tell you is that they are only insured to protect themselves. However, that is not the case with our company. Our company along with our technicians are all backed with error and omissions insurance. In the event that we miss diagnose or skip something crucial in the home that later leads to financial losses for you, our insurance will cover this. You don’t have to worry about hunting us down or spending months tied up in court trying to get what is owed to you, because our company is specifically protected with insurance for a situation like this.

Of course, we take pride that our techs and inspectors don’t make mistakes like this, but there are those random situations when mistakes do occur.

We Have Conducted Thousands Of Home Inspections

When most consumers search for a home inspector, they look for a longstanding company in the industry. Homebuyers and sellers rely on these professionals to protect them from potential financial losses. As a long-term Brooklyn NY home inspection service provide, we have conducted thousands on home inspections. We take our job seriously and never skimp on quality, just to save us some time or money.

While it is not always a bad idea to hire a startup home inspection company, it will be in your best interest to select an inspector with a long history. Our inspectors have been conducting home inspections for years, so they know how to approach and complete the task precisely and efficiently. When you hire us to conduct your home inspection, you can rest assured that it will be done accurately.

We Keep Up With Continuing Education

The real estate market is continuously changing, as well as the residential construction industry. To keep up with new technologies and products, our inspectors participate in continuing education. Continuing education for inspectors is a necessity and a requirement by some states. To renew our inspection certificate, we must complete 20 hours of IOS continuing education each year.

These courses provide the state with prove that we know how to conduct home inspections correctly. It also shows the consumer that we are up-to-date on our skills and educational requirements.

The Benefits Of Choosing Us

When it comes down to it, our team has a lot of competition. Nevertheless, we strongly believe that our performance will overshadow our competitors. We offer a wealth of benefits that truly cannot be found anywhere else. Below, you’ll learn about some of the major benefits of choosing us as your Brooklyn home inspector.

  • Our company is licensed and insured. We’ll get the job done right, while providing the consumer with maximum reassurance and peace of mind!
  • We always provide both sides of the arrangement with a comprehensive report. Our report is thoroughly detailed and it will also include photographs of the problems.
  • We’ll work with the client’s schedule. We’re more than happy to check out your property first thing in the morning or late at night.
  • We’ll go above and beyond to check each and every segment of your home. We’ll check out your basement, attic, roof, and everything in between.
  • Our employees are background checked and drug screened to ensure only trustworthy people are allowed to enter the client’s home.
  • We’re familiar with the codes and regulations in New York. We’ll make sure that your property meets the requirements and is good to go!

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