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What You Inspectors Don’t Tell You About The Home Inspection Process

Did you know that every two out of five homes in the Brooklyn, New York area suffer from some kind of major defect? A lot of these defects can average around $15,000 to repair. Isn’t this something that you would like to know before you even invested your hard-earned money in the home? Well, there is a way to protect yourself from this kind of faulty investment, and that is to always ensure that you are hiring a qualified home inspector to perform a Brooklyn home inspection.

With that being said, you need to keep in mind that inspectors can only do so much and not all of them are created equally. In fact, there are tons of things that you home inspector won’t be able to do for you, and that is exactly what you are going to learn about below. Knowing this information will not only help you choose a good home inspector, but it will ensure that you get the most out of the inspection process.

No Responsibility If Something Is Missed

Even the most knowledgeable and experienced home inspectors can miss major detail during the inspection process. Some of these overlooked mistakes could later lead to thousands of dollars in repairs. You are probably thinking, “Well, isn’t this why inspectors are insured?” You need to be aware of the fact that most basic home inspector insurance tops out at the cost of the inspection. This means that if you paid $300 dollars for the inspection and the repair costs $1,000, you are still going to end up being $700 out of pocket.

However, a good home inspector will carry error and omission insurance, which is a type of insurance that was specifically designed for situations like this. Always ensure that your inspector carries this form of insurance.

Home Inspectors Should Not Be Expected To Do Repairs

As a homeowner is probably seems super convenient to have the individual that diagnosed the problem perform the repairs. Well, the truth is, you need to be weary of any inspector that promises these kinds of services during the Brooklyn home inspection. The reason is, because they can falsify reports and say something needs repairs when it actually doesn’t. You best interest is always to ensure that the work is outsourced through another company.

The Main Focus Is The Home

Home inspectors are called home inspectors for a reason. They are not there to tell you if you are getting a good deal on the entirety of the property or home. In fact, they only inspect the home and do not look at the grounds around the home. For instance, if there are storage buildings, fences, or gardens the items will not be included in during the home inspection. This means that if there are potential problems located in these items, you are going to have to discover them for yourself. However, keep in mind that there are some inspection companies that will inspect these items if asked, but there might be additional charges.


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