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Why You Should Always Hire A Licensed Home Inspector

So, you have finally narrowed down your home choices and you are almost ready to settle on one? Congratulations, but you still have tons of work and worries ahead. Of course, the next step in the complicated process will be to hire a home inspector. You are probably thinking well, I am a fairly knowledgeable individual and have in depth technical knowledge in the home market; do I really need an inspector? The answer is yes and you need to choose one that is completely qualified and certified. When selecting your home, you didn’t just choose the first home that you can across did you? No, and the same concept should be applied to choosing a home inspector.

licensed home inspector in Brooklyn NY not only can potentially save you from making a bad investment, but he or she might be able to help you get a better deal on the home of your dreams.

Why Can I Perform The Inspection Myself?

Your home literally contains over hundreds of different components that need to be inspected. Even if you have in depth knowledge in the housing market it is highly likely that you don’t know everything about every aspect of the home. Do you know how to check the septic tank, heating and cooling system, duct work, and electrical? Just a simple overlook weak link in any system of the home could eventually lead to thousands of dollars in repairs later down the road. This is something that you do not want to miss before buying the home.

However, a licensed home inspector in Brooklyn NY is uniquely trained and qualified in in depth knowledge in all of these systems. He or she is specifically trained in spotting potential problems that could be overlooked by the average individual.

What Exactly Is A Home Inspection?

A home inspection is basically just a complete evaluation of the home, appliances, and components that are contained within the home. The inspection is designed to give the buyer a general ideal of the condition of the home. More often than not the inspection process can be the deciding factor when it comes to making the final purchase. Maybe during the inspection, you discover that the heating and air system if leaking carbon monoxide in the home, because it has a busted heat exchanger. This is not only a problem, but it is potentially lethal to your health and will need to be corrected before the home can be legally occupied. A situation like this will either force the homeowner to replace the system, or knock that price of a new system off the asking price of the home.

Backed With Insurance

It is only natural to want to save money here and there, but this can be a mistake when it comes to hiring a home inspector. If you just hire some handyman down the street that isn’t a licensed inspector it is safe to assume that he won’t be backed with insurance. This means that if he damages something in the home or gets damaged there is a chance that he could sue you or the seller, or leave you holding the bill for the repairs.

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