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Determining The Best Time To Travel To Brooklyn NY

While some travelers choose to travel during the summer, because their children are out of school, others are still uncertain. When traveling to Brooklyn, there really is not a preferred time it basically depends on the traveler. However, the winter weather can be a bit treacherous and difficult for those who are not accustomed to traveling in sleet and snow. Below, you discover more information about the famous Brooklyn, NY, so you can decide the best time to book your travel accommodations.

For the Artist Traveler 

The art enthusiast is always looking for the next best thing. Believe it or Williamsburg in Brooklyn has your best interest at heart. The neighborhood was one known for its working-class Jewish population, but over the years it has transitioned into a poster child for gentrification and urban renewal.

Williamsburg has an art district that is loved by many enthusiasts. Here, you will find art that expresses emotion through texture and color. Your journey will take you to several shops that are filled with art of local artists. Whether you like handcrafted pottery or oil paintings, you will definitely find it in Williamsburg.

Sightseeing Adventures

The best time to travel to Brooklyn for sighting adventures is summer. During the season, the weather is favorable, but the temperatures can reach up into the high 90s in late July through Mid-August. If you are favorable to warm temperatures, you will not find this weather desirable. The winter months are not suitable for sightseeing, because of the frigid temperatures.

Prospect Park

Prospect Park is perfect for families and singles. One of the most notable landmarks in Prospect Park is the Soldiers and Sailors Arch, which separates the Grand Army Plaza from the rest of the neighborhood. The arch dates back to 1892, representing a victorious Union army. You will also find a large bust of President John F. Kennedy among the many historical landmarks in the area. If you decide to travel to Brooklyn in June, you should try to attend the Welcome Back to Brooklyn Festival.

Cannot Access Tourist Destinations By Foot

Since you cannot access many of the tourist destinations by foot or bicycle, you will have to hop aboard a bus, subway or taxi. The bridges that connect Manhattan and Brooklyn are off limits to foot and bicycle traffic. While this will truly have no ill effects on your vacation, it may help you decide the best time to visit Brooklyn NY.


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